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Kaleidoscope Ink Tattoo is Southwest Missouri's premier tattoo studio. With over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge, we will take special care to see that you receive the most professional service. Kaleidoscope Ink tattoo goes above and beyond what the state of Missouri requires to be certified in tattooing. Our artists have attended a nationally recognized school, and are certified in CPR and Preventing Disease Transmission, and each artist is licensed and insured and are strict in the practice of hospital sterilization.

We are current in all tattoo techniques, topics, aftercare, and we only use the best machines and ink. Our knowledge, safety practices, and techniques ensures that you are going to receive the best possible care, service and result for your new tattoo.
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Ryan McCurter Tattoo Artist Image
Ryan McCurter
Ryan McCurter is a local artist, who grew up in the St Louis area. Around the early 90s, he moved to Southwest Missouri where he made his roots in the Ozarks and immersed himself in the art of tattooing. After almost 10 years in the industry, he has built a strong reputation, with a large base of customers who seek out his custom artwork. Ryan works hard at making art in his own style, without being placed into a specific genre, striving to all perfect all styles of tattooing. Ryan is a professional that works closely with his customers, transforming their ideas into true body art masterpieces.
  1. Ryan McCurter Cherry Blossoms Tattoo
  2. Ryan McCurter Octopus Tattoo
  3. Ryan McCurter Blue Bird Tattoo
  4. Ryan McCurter Magnolia Tattoo
  5. Ryan McCurter Leg Garter Tattoo
  6. Ryan McCurter Daffodil Tattoo
  7. Ryan McCurter McGruff Tattoo
  8. Ryan McCurter Tree Tattoo
  9. Ryan McCurter Before & After Tattoo
  10. Ryan McCurter Skull Tattoo v2
  11. Ryan McCurter Skull Tattoo
  12. Ryan McCurter Pig Tattoo
  13. Ryan McCurter Heart Rose Tattoo
  14. Ryan McCurter Skull Fire Tattoo
  15. Ryan McCurter Owl Tattoo
  16. Ryan McCurter Medusa Tattoo
  17. Ryan McCurter Full Back Tribal Tattoo
  18. Ryan McCurter Death Rider Tattoo
  19. Ryan McCurter Cross Tattoo
  20. Ryan McCurter Sea Turtle Tattoo
Mike Pfau Tattoo Artist Image
Amanda Herren
Amanda is the real deal. Friendly, easy to work with , and always smiling. Her work speaks for itself with her custom, stand out, one of a kind pieces. She was born in Springfield, Missouri but has spent the last 18 years in the St. Louis area. She came to us with 10 solid years in the industry. She enjoys working in all styles of tattooing but her favorite are the color realism and the abstract illustration. Amanda is state certified, insured and trained in CPR and First Aid. 
  1. Little Mermaid Tattoo
  2. water color quote Tattoo
  3. roses Tattoo
  4. Managing Director
  5. broken skull Tattoo
  6. starry night Vangough Tattoo
  7. Portrait Tattoo
  8. Lion Tribal Tattoo
  9. skull crown rose Tattoo
  10. leopard jungle Tattoo
  11. tiger jungle Tattoo
  12. water color Tattoo
  13. pixel Tattoo
  14. watercolor tattoo
  15. quote script tattoo
  16. dragon full sleeve tattoo
  17. quote tattoo
  18. tree tattoo
  19. Sea Shells Tattoo
  20. Star Wars Tattoo
Mike Pfau Tattoo Artist Image
Zack Hook

Zack Hook has been working hard in the Body Mod industry for over 20 years. He started out as a body piercer but found his true calling as a tattoo artist. He enjoys the chance to work with clients and draw their own custom tattoos, both large and small. He truly is talented. When not at work he can be found in the gym training for his next obstacle course race or out at the shooting range. He has a passion for guns that he developed with his time in the military. Zack is state certified, insured and trained in CPR and First Aid.

  1. Cross Tattoo
  2. Spruce Tattoo
  3. Tiger Tattoo
  4. Tiger Eyes Tattoo
  5. Paw Tattoo
  6. Hands Tattoo
  7. Tiger Japanese Tattoo
  8. Moon Tattoo
  9. Disney Stitch Tattoo
  10. Solar System Tattoo
  11. Marijuana Tattoo
  12. Jellyfish Tattoo
  13. Plant Tattoo
  14. Scar tattoo
  15. ufo tattoo
  16. watercolor tattoo
  17. lotus tattoo
  18. watercolor tattoo
  19. Bird Tattoo
  20. Flower Outline Tattoo
  21. Alice In Wonderland Tattoo